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The Summer So Far...

It's hard to believe the 2021 internship has already passed its halfway point! Here's what the cohort has been up to:


Self-Advocacy Workshop

The Art Students League of Denver hosted the 2021 cohort on Tuesday, June 22, for our first workshop of the summer. After sharing their internship experience with their cohort, the interns engaged in discussions and activities focused on fostering their skills as DEI advocates. DITA alumni attended as panelists to share their own journeys as advocates and past DITA interns.


An Interview with Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Intern, Jess Bolormaa

"Bonfils-Stanton Foundation: Hi Jess! What are some things you’re hoping to take away and learn from the program? Jess Bolormaa: From the DITA program, I am hoping to walk out of this with an overwhelming feeling that I was a part of something that truly garners building and cultivating communities that have otherwise been overlooked and underserved..."


Running Interviews at the Arvada Center

Arvada Center intern, Collin S., has been busy with the Communications team! Among his duties, he has run interviews for a video project about the Center's summer exhibitions. Be sure to watch Collin's finished piece on YouTube.


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