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Host an Intern

Investing in our Future

The future leadership of Colorado's arts and culture community has already arrived, now it is our chance to help them grow! By connecting these young leaders to existing nonprofits, DITA provides an opportunity for interns to cultivate their leadership skills, engage with a thriving and dedicated community, and create an impact of their own. They bring a commitment to hard work, new ideas, and the same passion that nourishes the arts & culture community to their host sites in a mutually beneficial summer experience.


What Does Hosting an Intern Look Like?

All DITA host sites employ at least one intern for the 10-week duration of the program. In this capacity, host sites provide a working space for the intern (desk, cubicle, etc.), pay the intern as a regular employee no less than $17.29 an hour, and assign them tasks/duties that allow for hands-on experience in nonprofit work.

Interns are carefully selected from a pool of applicants by the DITA team and a portion of their wages is covered by the DITA program based on organization size. Interns will work no more than 40 hours a week, including approximately 5 hours of DITA learning requirement hours per week.

Host sites will be expected to complete two formal reports over the course of the program (guideline provided by DITA) as well as attend an orientation and an exit interview with the Program Administrator.


Eligibility Requirements

Participation in this program is only open to organizations that meet all of the following requirements:

  • Organizations located/based within Colorado

  • Charitable 501(c)(3) organizations

  • Organizations  with a focus on the arts and/or culture

  • Organizations with an FTE equal to or greater than 1

  • Organizations who can host an intern for the full 10-week duration of the program (June 3 - Aug 9, 2024)

  • Organizations who can provide a dedicated space for the intern to work including, but not limited to, a desk, chair, and computer (if necessary for their work).

2024 Applications
Due November 10
Host FAQ

Applications due November 10, 2023

  • What are the dates for the internship?
    The 2024 internship will run from Monday, June 3 to Friday, August 9 (interns participate in an all-day orientation on Monday, June 3).
  • How many hours is the internship?
    The internship is intended to be a 40-hour work week. However, the interns will also be attending paid DITA Learning Requirement events over the course of the summer, totaling from 2.5 to 5 hours each week. Expect your intern to be in the office approximately 35 hours a week.
  • How will the interns be paid?
    Host sites will be required to pay interns Denver minimum wage as regular employees. Each host site will receive a grant from DITA based on their organization's full-time equivalent, covering some portion of the intern wages. Placing the intern on your payroll will also include payroll taxes which will vary from organization to organization.
  • How large will my organization's grant be?
    The portion of the intern's wages covered by the grant is dependent on your organization's FTE. Please see the following scale: 1-3 FTEs will receive a grant of $6000 4-12 FTEs will receive a grant of $5500 13-20 FTES will receive a grant of $4500 Over 20 FTEs will receive a grant of $3000
  • What does DITA look for in a Host Site?
    When reviewing Host Site applications, the DITA team is searching for positions that provide interns with practical experience in the arts & culture nonprofit field. An emphasis on DEI work or the inclusion of DEI-focused projects are a beneficial inclusion in the intern's proposed job description. From an organizational standpoint, DITA is looking for Host Sites that want to further their ongoing DEI work. An organization that is at the beginning of their DEI journey is not a good fit for the program.
  • Does DITA have any application tips?
    We do! Read the application prior to starting it so you have all required documents ready. Have an intern supervisor selected and informed about the program before completing the application. Provide intern supervisor with a copy of your application if they are not completing it themself. Create an internship position that can excite DITA intern applicants: Make sure your position focuses on providing practical hands-on experience in your organization’s mission Intern applicants love positions where they can experience more than one department. Are you planning to adjust the position based on your intern’s interests? Indicate that clearly on the job description. Interested in interns who have specialized skills like speaking a second language or graphic design? Indicate that interest clearly on the job description. Note: DITA interns are college students and should not be expected to perform a job that heavily relies on a specialized skillset and advanced training outside of your organization.
  • What are the eligibility requirements for interns?
    The program is open to students currently enrolled with at least one full year of college coursework completed and recent college graduates (Spring 2023). Although graduate students are not ineligible for the program, priority is given to undergraduate students. Students will need to have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, a background or demonstrated interest in the arts/culture, and a professional reference. Additionally, all of our interns will be from traditionally underrepresented communities in the arts (including race, disability, gender, etc.).
  • How will interns be placed with host organizations?
    After reviewing the applications, our selection committee will conduct interviews with any applicants who we believe will be a good fit for the program. Interns will be matched with host entities based on the needs of the organization as well as the intern's personality. Each organization will have a chance to speak with the proposed intern, review their application, and request a different intern if it is deemed necessary. We will not be placing any interns that do not meet the needs/requirements of the host organization.
  • What if I can't attend orientation?
    Host site orientation is mandatory for all participating organizations. At least one representative of your organization must be available to attend in order to be accepted into the program. We will announce the date of 2023 Host Site Orientation when applications open.
Past Host Sites

Past Host Sites

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DAVA logo.png
HD Logo_Transparent Background.png
Museo Color Logo.png
su teatro logo.png
Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities
Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center
RedLine Contemporary Art Center
Center for Visual Art
Center for the Arts Evergreen logo.png
Lighthouse Writers Workshop
American Friends Service Committee
Newman Center - University of Denver
Denver Botanic Gardens
Curious Theatre Company
Central City Opera
Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra
2020 DITA Interns


"[Intern] Sierra was truly amazing. I was apprehensive about taking on a remote intern, and she performed above and beyond my expectations. She worked independently and diligently, was inventive but asked for help, and took feedback to heart. It was a pleasure watching her writing voice develop over the summer as well. She's got a really bright future, and we're excited to keep up with it!"

—  Genna Kohlhardt, Assistant Director of Adult Programs

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

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