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DITA At A Glance

Over the course of our 10-week summer program, interns work directly for our host organizations and receive practical experience in the arts and culture community. Operating as a cohort, interns attend workshops organized by DITA, form relationships with active leaders in our community, and oversee shared learning experiences with their fellow interns.

Our commitment to diversity doesn't stop with our intern cohort: DITA host sites vary in size and mission, ranging from performing arts venues to art galleries, from cultural centers to community activism. Host sites are matched with an exceptional college student to help provide a new voice and perspective in the organization and an enthusiastic employee who is ready to learn as much as they can. 

2024 Internship Calendar

  • October 10:  Host Site Applications Open

  • November 10: Host Site Applications Close*

  • December 15: Host Site Applicants Notified

  • January 2: Intern Applications Open

  • February 9: Intern Applications Close*

  • February 20-29: Intern Applicant Interviews

  • March 5: Intern Candidates sent to Host Sites

  • March 19: Deadline for Host Sites Response

  • March 22: Intern Applicants Notified

  • May 15: Host Site Orientation (3-5PM, in person)

  • June 3: Intern Orientation

  • June 4: Intern first work day at Host Sites

  • June 28: Learning and Networking event

  • July 19: Learning and Networking event

  • August 7: Internship Celebration

  • August 9: Internship End


* Application close deadlines are final. No applications will be accepted past these dates.


"Our intern was easy to work with, took initiative, helped with the smallest of tasks, and was an asset to CAE in the short time she was here."

—  Inga Kamis, Director of Exhibitions and Marketing

Center for the Arts Evergreen

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