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What Comes Next?

Watch as DITA moves forward, but dares not to move on.

In light of recent events, DITA recognizes now, and possibly more than ever, the importance of continuing our mission in representing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts community. The movement for change across the country in the wake of George Flyod's death is ongoing and making a tangible difference. DITA is committed to exemplary community-building so that positive social change can truly become a reality. 

The capitol building sits behind a crowd of predominantly Black protestors. One individual holds a megaphone to their mouth as they rally support. Various signs support George Lloyd and Black Lives Matter are held up.
Protesters outside the Denver Capitol Building.

Resources & Organizations DITA is but one among many organizations devoted to raising awareness and searching for practical steps to move forward. We recognize and applaud the organizations located in Colorado who are willing to stand for racial equality. Many individuals are also taking the initiative for social change and their drive is admirable. As a form of partnership in solidarity, DITA is highlighting local organizations and resources for all those who desire to continue their activism. 

Headshot of Cal smiling at the camera.
2019 DITA Alum Cal Meakins

One of the most exciting aspects of the DITA Internship program is the relationship that the interns can create with their host sites. These connections hold the potential to be long-lasting and valuable for all involved.

Cal Meakins, an alum from the 2019 DITA Cohort, has had the privilege of continuing this relationship with his host site, the Arvada Center

"Cal came to us in through the Diversity in the Arts Internship,” said Arvada Center

Content and Grants writer Leslie Simon. “He was so awesome, and we liked him so much, that we hired him to house-manage the children's theatre.”

After being offered this full-time position, Cal recalls his time with DITA saying that his time during the internship was, "...'a privilege' that coincided with his own spring awakening".

Blue background with the text '2020 DITA Interns'

DITA would like to introduce and welcome the 2020 Program Cohort!

Samantha L. in partnership with the American Friends Service Committee, Genesis G. in partnership with the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Claire B. in partnership with the Arvada Center, Hannah L. in partnership with the Arvada Center, Kerriana T. in partnership with the Center for Visual Art, Ellie Y. in partnership with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and Sierra R. in partnership with the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.


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